Interface GetMatchesParams

GetMatches params


  • GetMatchesParams



Optional filterBy

filterBy: "claimed-prizes" | "unclaimed-prizes" | "fulfilled-prizes" | "prizes-won" | "no-prizes-won" | "live" | "awaiting-process" | "all"

Filter by player's status in match.

Optional limit

limit: undefined | number

Max number of matches to return.

Optional matchType

matchType: "developer" | "player-generated" | "all"

Filter matches based on tournament generator type.

Optional period

period: "day" | "week" | "month" | "all"

Specify a given period e.g. 'day' for last 24 hours.


player: Player

Basic player representation

Optional playerAttributes

playerAttributes: undefined | string

Player attributes e.g. '{"status": "vip", "skill": 1, "isActive": true}'

Optional tournamentId

tournamentId: undefined | string

Tournament Id

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